New Audio Equipment for Hire

At Sound To Light, we have an impressively wide range of Audio equipment for hire, ensuring you have everything you need for your next in-person or online event. We are always looking to grow however and have recently added a number of new items available to our hire stock.

New Audio Equipment for Hire

Have you ever been to a Conference or Event which had a terrible Sound System? You can put so much time and energy into planning the perfect night but if your Audio isn’t right, it can take the shine off your event and leave attendees with a bad experience overall. At Sound To Light, we supply all types of high quality compact PA systems for every type of event. We also hire wireless microphones, playback equipment, podium microphones, speakers, recording devices, and much more.

Something as simple as a microphone can have a huge impact on your event, conference or gig. If they go wrong when you need them most – there’s no coming back! Recently, we have just added another new batch of 6 Sennheiser G4 radio mic sets to our hire stock as more new audio equipment for hire becomes available.

Audio Equipment for Hire

It’s not just Audio equipment that we have available for hire.

Over the past number of months, we have been delighted to see the return of in-person events. We have been working with a wide variety of companies and organisations providing lighting, sound, staging and audio equipment. Just recently, we worked with the LAMA Awards and provided more than just Audio equipment. We were able to use some of our other new items that have been added to our hire stock. This included the latest arrivals of a number of new Panasonic Commercial 4K 65’inch monitors. These are now available for hire all across the country!

More than just Audio Equipment for Hire
Of course, these are just some of the new additions to our hire stock. We’re delighted to have added a number of other items. You can find out more by emailing info@soundtolight or call 091-773773 to speak about your next event.