Top 5 Benefits of Digital Screen Displays

Digital Screen Displays have gained serious traction over the last decade or so. The number of industries employing this form of advertising and communication only continues to rise. As we pass the halfway point in 2022, we have seen a huge surge in inquiries for rentals of Digital Screen Displays.

Why is it that Digital Screen Displays have gained so much popularity?

The effectiveness of Digital Screen Displays have been proven time and again. They provide a wide range of benefits for businesses around the world. This includes everything from increased profits to higher levels of engagement from customers and visitors. In fact, research claims that Digital Screen Displays capture 400% more views than static displays.

Out of all the benefits of Digital signage though, these five stand out from the crowd. They are seriously impactful, driving results and transforming business.

Digital Screen Displays

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Screen Displays

  • Enhanced Engagement
    Digital Screen Displays capture 400% more views than static displays, and 8/10 customers claim to have entered a store simply because digital signage caught their attention. So how does this affect business? More views mean more opportunities to impact sales, simple as. More interest means more customers in your doors, all of which can lead to opportunities for greater sales.
  • Greater Satisfaction
    Digital signage can have a huge effect on your customers’ overall experiences. In fact, according to a Digital Signage Today article, customers that interact with digital signage report 46% higher satisfaction. Part of that is almost certainly due to the 35% decrease in perceived wait time that Burkhart notes as being “one of the best things you can do to improve customer experience.” These are the kind of improvements to customers’ experiences that can help lead to better customer retention.
  • More Impulse Purchases
    David Bawarsky, an authority in the tech community, states that 19% of people admitted to making an unplanned purchase because of digital signage. When you compound these unplanned purchases with digital signage’s effect on purchase amount, it’s easy to see how much of a boon digital signage can be to business.
  • Higher Growth
    A collection of recent reports state that many brands experience a significant increase (as much as 33%) in sales after implementing digital signage. On top of that, the research is clear — digital signage frequently leads to more in-store traffic. It also can lead to customers spending significantly longer inside. These trends help to improve business’s bottom lines, allowing for greater opportunities in the future.
  • Additional Opportunities
    Digital signage also helps to mitigate a variety of time-consuming jobs that have historically been the responsibility of employees. For instance, in the retail environment, digital signage can display loads of sales information that employees no longer have to spend time relaying to the customer. This frees up their time to engage in more meaningful conversations. This allows higher customer satisfaction and more opportunities to create genuine connections that lead to a loyal customer base.

The research has been done, and the results are clear: Digital Screen Displays work.

From increased foot traffic to more satisfied customers, digital signage is working wonders. Of course, we also have a number of alternative LED Screen Rental options with LED Video Walls, Outdoor Screens and much more. If you would like to discuss any of these options further, please get in touch by calling (091) 773 773 or email [email protected]