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At Sound To Light, we have an impressively wide range of indoor LED screens available for hire, ensuring you have the perfect big screen for your next event, meeting, webinar or project. We have also seen a large increase in LED Video Wall Hire enquiries this year. Get in touch today to Hire an LED Video Wall in Galway, Digital Screen Displays or for Projector Hire by emailing info@soundtolight.ie

We offer LED Screen Hire for all kinds of events including Conferences, Award Shows, Corporate Events, Fashion Shows, Webinars, Online Seminars, Live Streaming and much more. High Res LED Screens are the perfect addition to any event as they allow you to showcase your products or services through high-quality imagery and videos. So if you’re looking to really impress, LED Screen Rentals are the way to go! 

We have provided LED Screen Hire to organisations such as the University of Galway, Galway Technology Centre & KPMG


LED Video Wall Hire
Large LED Screen Hire

LED Video Wall Hire | LED Video Wall Hire Galway

Our LED Video Walls are available fore hire. They offer your business a huge opportunity to captivate your audience at your next exhibition or event.

There are endless applications for our LED Video Walls. They can be used to showcase live sports in beer gardens, create stunning backdrops for online events or highlight award winners at Gala Balls to name just a few. We can offer rental solutions for whatever your project or event is and back it all up with our experienced team of AV Technicians.


LED Video Wall Hire Galway

Projector Hire & Installation

Do you need to hire a projector for your next event, meeting or conference? We have an extensive range of high quality projectors which are ideal for computer & video projection. One of our experienced AV Technicians are available to set-up and install the projector in your business if required.

A high-quality projector is a necessary addition to every office. This is particularly the case with video conferencing on the rise with a move towards virtual meetings. We can also carry out the installation of a top of the range projector for your business which can help meet the needs of your clients.


Projector Hire
Outdoor Screen Rental

Outdoor Screen Rental

Our advertising screens can show the world exactly what you have to offer. Whether it is a new mobile app promotion, a fundraising event or the latest offer on products/services. With our outdoor screen rental services you have the opportunity to wow you potential customers.

The potential doesn’t stop there however, you can show the latest blockbuster movie on the big screen with an outdoor cinema, create a live video feed of your event allowing the action to be seen by everyone in real time and so much more!

TV Hire

It won’t be every event or meeting that you will need a LED Video Wall. Sometimes, you may just need to hire a TV. Available in a variety of sizes we have Plasma, LCD & LED screens available for every application. They are perfect for exhibitions and shows, we can supply a height adjustable floor stand and all the necessary cables and connectors you require. 

These Flatscreen TVs are ideal for trade show booths, presentations, conferences and expos where you can show videos and presentations in stunning Full HD resolution.  

TV Hire
Digital Screen Displays

Digital Screen Displays

The effectiveness of Digital Screen Displays have been proven time and again. They provide a wide range of benefits for businesses around the world. This includes everything from increased profits to higher levels of engagement from customers and visitors. In fact, research claims that Digital Screen Displays capture 400% more views than static displays.

Digital Screen Displays capture 400% more views than static displays, and 8/10 customers claim to have entered a store simply because digital signage caught their attention. So how does this affect business? More views mean more opportunities to impact sales, simple as.

From increased foot traffic to more satisfied customers, digital signage is working wonders. You can read more about how effective Digital Screen Displays are in our blog.

Digital Screen Displays


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