Tips for a Conference in Ireland

We’re closing in on the end of what has been a particularly busy period for those involved with organising a Conference in Ireland. With that, we thought we would put together some useful tips to help you plan for your next one. As you know, the planning stage can be both a scary and daunting challenge. With the right help however, your fears can be a thing of the past! That’s where we come in.

Conference in Ireland

1. Set a date for the event

It can sound pretty simple but choosing the right date for your Conference in Ireland can be key to it’s success. Look for a date that doesn’t clash with any major holiday or event that is already planned. Be sure to give yourself enough time to get organised!

2. Find a suitable venue

Finding the right venue to fit the style of event that you are planning is also a particularly important aspect. You need a venue that will be able to cater for the number of attendees. As well as that, it will need to be suitable for the type of activities that are planned. You will need to have an idea of what way you would like the room to be laid out. Don’t be afraid to take your time and shop around.

3. Find reliable suppliers to work with

Every Conference in Ireland will have different needs. From Stage & Lighting, Social Media Support and even Digital Screen Displays, you will need to find suppliers that can cater for these needs. Ensuring that you find companies with a consistent work ethic and testimonials from similar events will make your job a whole lot easier. You will also need to book your speakers or panel guests who will be participating in the event.

4. Planning

You will need a detailed plan of who will be doing what and the tasks that are needed to be completed. Having a checklist will ensure that everyone is held accountable. Maintaining clear lines of communication will be needed so that nothing is lost in translation along the way. Clear communication with all parties involved will help your event run smoothly.

Conferences in Ireland

5. Send invitations / advertise tickets

Depending on the type of Conference you have organised, you will either need to invite your guests or start advertising tickets. As soon as the date is confirmed along with the venue and speakers, a full promotional plan should be put in place.

6. Evaluate

Once your event is finished, it is important that you evaluate what went right and what went wrong. Any feedback or learnings that you can take from the event will help going forward when putting together future events or Conferences.

At Sound To Light, we have worked with some of the biggest Conferences in Ireland. From the Finance Leadership Summit to the European Solid Mechanics Conference, we have worked with a variety of clients on events all across the country. Our team have the skills and experience necessary to best assist you with your next event. If you would like to get started with planning your next Conference, simply email [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as possible and arrange a meeting on a date that suits you!