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Have you ever been to a Conference or Event which had a terrible Sound System? You can put so much time and energy into planning the perfect night but if your Audio isn’t right, it can take the shine off your event and leave attendees with a bad experience overall. At Sound To Light, we supply all types of high quality compact PA systems and Wireless Microphone Hire for every type of event. Book your next PA System in Galway today.

We also hire wireless microphones, playback equipment, podium microphones, speakers, recording devices, and much more. 


PA System Hire
Sound System Hire

Our team of AV Technicians have vast experience in providing quality Sound & Music systems with professional PA solutions. We have worked with an extensive number of events including Sporting Events, Exhibitions, School Musicals, Product Launches, Conferences, Fashion Shows, Fundraisers & Weddings. It’s easy to book your next PA System in Galway, just email

Some high profile events include the Future Health Summit, Finance Leadership Summit and the Galway Chamber Awards. Contact our team now to discuss your next PA System Hire.

Wireless Microphone Hire

Something as simple as a microphone can have a huge impact on your event, conference or gig. If they go wrong when you need them most – there’s no coming back! 

Wireless microphone systems give you the freedom to perform exactly the way you want to. It allows you the freedom to move around while you’re delivering your address to really engage and captivate your audience.

We stock a diverse range of microphone systems for one or multiple people, complete with handheld mics, headsets and lavaliers. No matter what your needs may be, you can find the perfect wireless system and perform cable-free with Sound To Light.    

Microphone Hire
Sound Equipment Hire

Sound System Hire

We can provide a complete Sound System for your next event or conference no matter what size of an event that you are planning! Why should you choose us for your next PA System Hire?

EFFICIENCY. No matter what your needs are – amplifying a presenter in a team meeting or if you need a rig for an outdoor music festival, we have the system for you. 

PRICING. We’ll work with you to provide the best service possible that works within your budget. 

EXPERIENCE: Our team have worked on a wide-range of events since our establishment in the early 2000’s. They are skilled in working with our massive range of Audio equipment including Speakers, Amplifiers, Mixing Desks and so much more.


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