Online Events? We do it all!

Online Events can be difficult, let the industry experts help.

The country is facing further restrictions over the coming weeks and months as we all know. With the ongoing pandemic, it’s important that we learn to diversify our offerings. Conferences, Meetings and Events need to still go ahead despite everything that is going on. An area of our business that has seen an increase in demand is our Live Streaming services. Live Streaming can be extremely difficult without the right assistance, however. With that in mind, it’s important that you partner with the right company for your online events.

Online Events
We were delighted to assist the IACP – Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy with their first-ever Virtual Conference

Online Events can come in many forms; School Shows, Conferences, Fundraisers & Music Festivals. Just about any kind of event you can think of can work online! Of course, it’s easy to only look at the negative side of things when it comes to having to run your event differently but there are many positives to look at too. Live Streaming your event opens up a number of possibilities and venue streams. For example, you can now reach a much broader audience who can get involved from the comfort of their own home. We can talk you through different options including utilising your social media and creating a password-protected link for people to view your stream. We have provided these services for a wide variety of businesses and organisations recently including Cork Pride, IACP, The Galway Clinic, The Bentley Boys and many more!

Online Events

If you would like to speak about how we can help you with your online events, please email info@soundtolight. We’d also be happy to take your call on 091-773773.