Unrivalled Event Lighting

Since our establishment in 2006, Sound To Light has offered unrivalled event lighting for our clients throughout Ireland and beyond. We have worked on a variety of projects from the installation of lighting systems in Hotels to providing lights for outdoor music festivals or product launches – you name it and we’ve worked on it! Over the many years offering our event lighting services, we have however worked with some events that just stick with us.

Providing Event Lighting For Grace O’Malley

In 2019, as Ireland was alight with the traditional bonfires that herald the arrival of Samhain, Rockfleet Castle, was ignited in its own vibrant glow. This may have puzzled some of the local residents around Newport, Co. Mayo! The Castle was lit up in bright green and emblazoned with the Grace O’Malley Irish Pirate Queen crest on one side and #BelieveInGrace on another. We provided the illumination on behalf of Grace O’Malley Premium Irish Spirits, creators of Grace O’Malley Irish Whiskey and Heather Infused Gin, dedicated to the legendary Irish pirate queen, Granuaile.

Event Lighting

The client, Grace O’Malley Spirits wanted to keep the legend of Granuaile alive, to ensure her great rebellious heart was never forgotten. The work was created to remember Grace and celebrate the formidable woman she was. By working with our experienced team of technicians, we were able to create an in-depth plan to use up lighters and a custom created Gobo to implement their ambitious plan. Both ourselves and the client felt that it worked fantastically well!

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